Friday, May 23, 2008

An anti-rant

In the last post, I ranted about unfair treatment by TICS. I do want to say that, for the most part, I've been treated very fairly by reviewers and editors, with respect to my own publications and being asked to review others' publications. I greatly appreciate this fair treatment. TICS and JEP:HPP (more on JEP in later posts) are the notable exceptions. I guess the highest-status journals only care about status. Makes sense, I suppose.

I also greatly appreciate how I am treated by most European colleagues. For example, at ESCOP I talked with a number of people who were not aware that I do not have a research position. When I told them that I do not, it did not seem to diminish their interest in my work at all.

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HumanProject said...

Just a quick comment about being an independent scholar and whether the academic establishment takes independent scholars less seriously:

As in all things, multiple factors are involved.

Why might evaluators (those soliciting reviews or the agents who may or may not take you seriously) be uneasy about people without a research position?

Evaluators could be concerned that a person without a research position may soon leave research academia. For you, Carol, if they know you long worked in industry, and since you received your PhD still relatively recently (2004), they may think you might return to the computer industry, SERIOL would thus be, uh "unsupported" etc.

What about established independent scholars? They've embraced that title, and others know that they aren't going to abruptly leave research.